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Short Sales Back-to-Back Closing - Hunter Paschall

Short Sales Back-to-Back Closing - Hunter Paschall

Speaker: Hunter Paschall | Runtime: 00:40:22
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Veteran real estate investor Hunter Pascall is known by many for his mechanic to millionaire story. From undergoing foreclosure and selling auto parts before, he has managed to give his life a complete turnaround. Today, he owns the HP Investment Group, Inc, and is a nationally recognized expert when it comes to short sales. At the age of 22, Hunter Paschall was able to purchase his first home. What mattered to him at that time was he didn’t have to pay rent anymore. He considered it somewhat an achievement when he managed to get the house for a lower monthly payment and down payment, all because of negotiation. He also received the furniture that came with the house. That was the start of a bigger success in real estate that awaited him. He was still in the family’s automotive business when his interest in real estate investing was spurred by author Robert Allen’s books. He was burning up to 15 hours daily and earning $300 weekly from the business when he finally decided to become a full-time real estate investor. In 1996, he received a $43,000 check from a property he had controlled and thought real estate was the right path for him. There was no looking back for him since then. With his students, he has managed to close around 1,000 short sales. That translates to over $50 million dollars in debt with banks and lenders negotiated on behalf of the seller. Hunter Paschall finds satisfaction in saving homeowners from foreclosure. What made it more satisfying was that he was able to do it for his parents as well. Earlier in his career, his father came to him with the house’s foreclosure sale date due in five days. He successfully saved the property and the $50,000 equity on it. Today, he is a sough-after speaker and coach on short sales and other forms of real estate investing. If you want to know about closing, helping the seller, foreclosure, and everything related to short sales, Hunter Paschall is your guy.

Want a lecture from national short sales expert Hunter Paschall on closing? Watch this video now. Hunter Paschall, owner of HP Investment Group, Inc, explains in this video how to properly conduct a back-to-back closing when doing a short sale. He will discuss how to use a title company and give you ideas on how much you should pay for documentation stamps. You’ll also know who to assign as trustee so you get the money from the closing. Who is supposed to be the beneficiary of the first closing? You’ll learn the answer to this question and more from this Hunter Paschall presentation.
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