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Short Sales Process Overview - Lee Brown

Short Sales Process Overview - Lee Brown

Speaker: Lee Brown | Runtime: 01:09:01
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Lee Brown is a full time real estate investor from Mansfield, Ohio. He and his wife own David-Brown Limited, which specializes in short sales. So if you’re looking for a master in short sales investing, you’ve found the right mentor in Lee. You can watch his videos here now. He is also a speaker for private lending, lease options, acquiring properties with none of your own money or credit, note buying and selling, tenant management, wholesaling houses, wealth in real estate, asset protection, and mindset for success, among others. Lee Brown venture into real estate investing was actually born out of necessity. With cooking as his first love, he opened a restaurant in his hometown. But the challenging economic conditions of the area bogged down his business in 1999. “Not because of my cooking!” the Culinary Institute of America alumnus quips. “Sure, I could have filed bankruptcy and been done with the whole mess. However, I chose the more honorable route of personally negotiating my debts which taught me more than any college course. It was a real ‘eye-opener’ into the intricacies of loss mitigation,” Lee Brown explains. That was the start of his road to becoming the short sales expert he is today. Realizing his newly acquired loss mitigation skills, he spent the next several years educating in many facets of real estate to become well-rounded. In one of his videos, he reveals that he has probably invested in over $100,000 in his education. This led to many successes in the acquisition of properties at staggering discounts. This also led to his core philosophy in real estate investing: buy low. “If you buy low enough, you can’t help but earn great monthly cash flow when holding as a rental or simply sell for great profits.” Personally, Lee Brown prefers short sales over purchasing REOs because according to him, it allows investors to “cherry pick” deals. In one short sale deal, he acquired a property for six cents on the dollar without using any of his own money or credit. Apart from the profits, this father of two recommends shorts sales to investors because this process “takes the albatross off the back of the stressed homeowner.

Want to get an overview of the short sales process and why it is actually a cycle? Get it straight from short sales master Lee Brown. This Mansfield, Ohio-born real estate investor starts with explaining why the foreclosure rate in the country is high and why this is an opportunity for those who want to try short sales. He proceeds with some insights on government programs HAMP and HAFA and discloses why banks are very motivated to agree to a short sale negotiation. Lee Brown will also teach you where to find short sale deals in your area – whether you operate in a judicial or in a power-of-sale state. Apart from marketing, you’ll also know get golden nuggets about handling calls from prospect sellers and building rapport with loss mitigators. In this presentation, Lee Brown also shows how you can partner with seasoned investors in your area to do a short sale. Finally, be inspired by some videos on “home run deals” at the end.

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Short Sales Process Overview - Lee Brown

Runtime: 01:09:01 | Views: 238

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