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Short Sale Investing - Jonathan Dieguez

Short Sale Investing - Jonathan Dieguez

Speaker: Jonathan Dieguez | Runtime: 40:13
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Jonathan Dieguez is a recognized name in the world of real estate investing. From working as a financial analyst, he has managed to successfully shift to being a full-time real estate investor. Apart from investing, he is also a speaker and mentor, especially when it comes to financing-related matters. From being an analyst for JPMorgan and Bear Stearns, Jonathan Dieguez moved to establish his own company. Today, Absolute Capital Homes, LLC, is a powerhouse in short sales and loan modifications. In line with what its founder teaches, this company helps investors who “dread” dealing with banks. In short, he makes money by helping home owners find a solution to their financial problems through their real estate property. He is currently helping home owners in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Jonathan Dieguez believes that there are at least two solutions for people who are facing foreclosure. These two solutions are also among the top investing methods for real estate investors of today. He says that short sale is for owners who owe more mortgage than the fair market value of their property. Investors who want to learn how to negotiate with banks to lower the amount of mortgage owed must learn from this guru. Meanwhile, Jonathan is also known for his expertise in loan modifications. In his opinion, investors should present loan modification to home owners who are behind in mortgage but want to stay in the property. This will make paying mortgage lighter for home owners and give you a decent paycheck for your negotiation efforts, he says. Among the target clients of Jonathan’s methods are people who are unable to update mortgage due to divorce, death in the family, and sudden unemployment. Investors who want to deal with people who are trying to avoid foreclosure will learn more from this speaker. Apart from short sales, Jonathan Dieguez is also knowledgeable in REOs or real estate owned properties, bank owned homes, flipping houses, wholesaling, commercial real estate, and probates

Learn the most effective way to do a short sale in this presentation by Absolute Capital Homes, LLC founder and managing director Jonathan Dieguez. In just 40 minutes, discover what types of income properties you should get and learn how to find income properties. See for yourself how Jonathan Dieguez makes short sales so easy, you won’t have to dread dealing with banks anymore. He also presents his “Five Ingredients for Success in Real Estate,” which include ways on how to get started in real estate even if you don’t have capital. Watch this presentation now and learn how you can earn huge amounts of profits even in today’s real estate market.
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Short Sale Investing - Jonathan Dieguez

Runtime: 40:13 | Views: 304

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