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Tax Lien Investing - Joanne Musa

Tax Lien Investing - Joanne Musa

Speaker: Joanne Musa | Runtime: 00:44:12
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Real estate investors who want to discover how to make money from tax lien investing have a lot to learn from Joanne Musa, the industry’s “Tax Lien Lady.” She is a mentor driven by her will to educate investors on this specific niche of real estate investing. Joanne Musa knew what it feels like being lost in a business because of the lack of available educational materials. That’s why she is determined to help those who want to learn how to make money through tax liens. “It was frustrating because I knew that this was something that I wanted to do, but there was no one to tell me how to get started,” she says. But with determination, she jumped in and made mistakes along the way. The saying “Success belongs to those who takes action” proved true for her. “In a short time I learned the secrets to buying profitable tax lien certificates, and I began buying profitable tax liens for myself and for other investors,” she adds. Since then, Joanne Musa has managed to create various home study courses and has written loads of articles and educational materials on this mode of investing. She also set up her own website and blog. She is now the president of Tax Lien Consulting, LLC. From specializing in New Jersey tax liens, she also branched out to Pennsylvania tax deeds. This happened as she and her family moved to Pennsylvania’s Pocono area. And as some people may know, Joanne Musa is a master weightlifter apart from being an investor, a mother, and a wife. She was a personal fitness trainer for more than a decade and is the first woman to coach a men’s national weightlifting team at a youth world championships event. It is perhaps through this sport that she learned how to handle “heavy” tasks investing in a niche with minimal guidance available.

Get a solid foundation on tax lien investing by learning the basics straight from Joanne Musa, known in the investing world as the “Tax Lien Lady.” Listen as she enumerates the seven steps to success when investing in tax liens, tax deeds, and redeemable deeds. Know when you’ll get paid, when to purchase left-over liens, and when you should do due diligence on the property. How much do you pay for the redemption value of the lien? Watch this Joanne Musa presentation to know the answer. The Tax Lien Lady will also discuss the lien process and what states are best for this form of real estate investing. Determine the advantages of lien over deed, and vice-versa, and know which investment method is good for you by watching this video now.

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  • 60651| Posted: January 4, 2012 04:54:01 PM

    I live in FL, fathers property is going on auction for back taxes, he has passed, but I have not inherited. What chance do I have to get the property?

  • S.Ballor| Posted: January 2, 2011 03:15:38 PM

    how do i foreclose on the property in michigan.

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Tax Lien Investing - Joanne Musa

Runtime: 00:44:12 | Views: 823

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