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The Basics Of Short Sales – Josh Cantwell

The Basics Of Short Sales – Josh Cantwell

Speaker: Josh Cantwell | Runtime: 1:00:03
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Josh Cantwell was a successful financial planner long before he got hooked into real estate investing. He finally made the switch in the mid-2003 when he was no longer happy with his job as it prevented him from enjoying more quality time with his wife and two little girls. Considered an expert in doing short sale deals and pre-foreclosures, Josh Cantwell said real estate investing got him all fired up whenever he wakes up every morning. According to him, being a real estate investor gives him the opportunity to face interesting challenges, meet likeminded people, and make tons of money without sacrificing the things that are very important to him. During the course of his seven-year career, Josh Cantwell was able to buy and sell more than 325 properties and generate at least $3.5 million in profit. Although he made several mistakes along the way, Josh admitted that he never allowed such lapses in judgment to deter him from reaching the goals he had set for himself. By being a real estate investor, he was also able to discover one of his passions in life – teaching and mentoring others who want to build their empire through the real estate business. He has developed a number of training programs aimed at teaching beginners effective ways on how to make money in real estate without facing huge risks. Today, Josh Cantwell is one of the top residential real estate investors in Cleveland, Ohio. Aside from doing short sales and investing in pre-foreclosures, he is into wholesaling and rehabbing houses, as well as managing rental properties. He is also the co-founder of Strategic Real Estate Coach, a company that holds consultancy meetings with hundreds of real estate investors in 35 states on strategic residential property acquisition as well as funding and real estate liquidation for profit.

Learn the essentials of short sale investing in this video of renowned real estate investing coach Josh Cantwell. Master the steps involved in a short sale and find out the cardinal rule of sales. Learn what makes a great property and where to find houses that sell quickly. Josh Cantwell will also share with you the dos and don’ts when dealing with a homeowner. Having trouble negotiating with banks? Watch this video now and find out which financial institutions are easier to deal with and which lenders to avoid.
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The Basics Of Short Sales – Josh Cantwell

Runtime: 1:00:03 | Views: 484

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