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Tsunami Profits in Wholesaling – Ken Spohn

Tsunami Profits in Wholesaling – Ken Spohn

Speaker: Ken Spohn | Runtime: 00:50:48
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Ken Spohn has been in the real estate investing business for more than 10 years. A member of the National Real Estate Association, he has managed, sold, and purchased all sorts of real estate properties, including commercial, retail, and apartment complexes. When he’s not busy with his real estate business, Ken Spohn takes pleasure at participating in karate and bike racing competitions.

Starting a career in wholesaling houses will be much easier after watching this video. Learn the secrets to making six figures a year as veteran investor Ken Spohn gives you a step-by-step guide to wholesaling properties. Discover various hints and tips on finding buyers and learn how you can create a marketing letter that will bring you great leads. Ken Spohn will also explain to you how to handle and still profit from a “not-so-perfect” closing. So get ready to become the ultimate wholesaling machine and watch this video now.
Tags: Ken Spohn,Wholesaling,Reos,Bank Owned Homes,Hard Money Lenders,Probates,Foreclosures,Financing,Real Estate Investing,Marketing,Quick Cash,No Money Down,Wholesaling Tips,Real Estate Mentor,Buyers,Motivated Home Sellers

User Comments

  • S.King| Posted: November 28, 2010 05:14:13 PM

    A lot of good information..offers step by step instructions on how to get started ...goes a little slow which allows you to take notes you can refer to later.It's long but worth sticking with it as he gives you some important information from beginning to end. Thank you!

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Tsunami Profits in Wholesaling – Ken Spohn

Runtime: 00:50:48 | Views: 498

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