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Vacant Lot Investing - Russell Ward

Vacant Lot Investing - Russell Ward

Speaker: Russell Ward | Runtime: 01:05:32
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Russell Ward is a full-time real estate investor who has been extensively involved in more than 600 successful land transactions ranging from .25 acres to 500 acres. These vacant lot investing deals involved over millions of dollars in total sales. Russell Ward has generated a six-figure income in real estate solely from vacant land transactions. If these credentials aren’t enough, he also holds two Master’s degrees, including a Master’s in Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. If investing in vacant lots is your interest, it’s just apt to say that Russell Ward is the mentor you need to listen to. You can start watching his videos here now. If you are not interested in land investing, this mentor believes you should be. There is less competition in this niche, he says. Russell Ward has used his insight and experience in vacant land transactions to write what is considered the authoritative guide for vacant land transactions, the “Vacant Land Guide.” He also authors a widely-respected newsletter of the same topic. His passion for training and educating investors in vacant land real estate is evident in both the Guide’s content and his personal presentations teaching others how to create win-win-win vacant land transactions. Russell Ward, who resides in Jacksonville, Florida, is also an experienced speaker when it comes to vacant lot investing. His public speaking experience comes from addressing audiences throughout the world during his earlier days as a minister. He has spoken to diverse, worldwide audiences in numerous countries, including the USA, the Philippines, Jamaica, and Great Britain.

Russell Ward, often called the industry’s “Vacant Lot Man,” will give you a solid foundation for investing in vacant lots in this video. Russell Ward, interviewed by marketing expert Emerson Brantley in this presentation, performs an actual drive from an urban area to a rural area – stopping at some points to evaluate vacant lots. This packed video contains generic information like why people are “retreating” to rural areas to why orange cones on the road are actually an indication of a good land investing area. You will also learn why, as a land investor, you need to find retiring baby boomers and what a buffer zone is. How many acres can a rural lot be sub-divided into? Why do you need to check the height of the lot? How do you work with a land realtor? All these questions will be answered in this video. Watch it now.
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Vacant Lot Investing - Russell Ward

Runtime: 01:05:32 | Views: 376

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