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Wholesaling Bank Owned Homes – Lex Levinrad

Wholesaling Bank Owned Homes – Lex Levinrad

Speaker: Lex Levinrad | Runtime: 00:56:15
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An expert in investing in distressed properties, foreclosures, REOs, and bank owned homes, Lex Levinrad has been in the real estate business since 2003. Over the past seven years, he has bought, rehabbed, leased, and sold hundreds of single-family homes in South Florida. He is also the founder and current chief executive officer of the Distressed Real Estate Institute. Lex Levinrad started out in the real estate business as a bird dog. During his first two years in the business, he would find deals for other investors to make a living. One day, however, he got sick and tired of watching others make money from all his efforts so he started his first rehab project. Armed with the knowledge he acquired from his mentor and the $75,000 he borrowed from a private lender and his best friend’s mom, Lex Levinrad worked on his first real estate investment. It took him three months to get the rehab work done as the house required lots of repairs after a hurricane tore out its roof. But once he finished the renovations and saw the appraisal on the property, Lex Levinrad was shocked to the core as the house was appraised at $163,000. After renovating his first fixer upper home, Lex Levinrad went on to complete four more deals and since then, he never looked back. Today, aside from buying, selling, and rehabbing ugly homes and undervalued properties, Lex Levinrad is busy teaching and mentoring others on how to become successful distressed property investors. He has also created several training manuals and written numerous articles to help newbie real estate investors achieve the kind of success that he is currently enjoying. He firmly believes that with a positive outlook and the right attitude, anyone can make it big in the real estate investing business.

Get your paper and pen ready as distressed property investor Lex Levinrad teaches you everything you need to know about wholesaling and flipping bank owned homes. Find out how you can wholesale bank owned properties even if banks prohibit assignment of contracts. Get to know your target market better as Lex Levinrad introduces you to the best buyers of REOs. He will also share the secret to marketing and dealing with first-time home buyers, cash investors, and those who want to make big bucks investing in bank owned homes.
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Wholesaling Bank Owned Homes – Lex Levinrad

Runtime: 00:56:15 | Views: 970

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