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Wholesaling Hints And Tips – Mark Jackson

Wholesaling Hints And Tips – Mark Jackson

Speaker: Mark Jackson | Runtime: 1:27:00
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Mark Jackson joined the real estate business after spending 15 years as a corporate trainer. Today, he is one of the most sought-after speakers on real estate investing and property evaluation in the country. Mark Jackson is also the founder of, an Internet-based real estate data source system that allows investors to get more information on a particular property. Nicknamed “MJ in my PJ’s,” Mark Jackson has made millions of dollars over the last six years without applying for a loan or leaving his home to close a deal.

Wholesaling houses will be much easier for investors after watching this video by seasoned wholesaler Mark Jackson. In this video, Mark Jackson will share his secrets to finding great investment properties without leaving your house. Fondly known as “MJ in PJs” among his peers because of the fact that he does most of his investing and wholesaling work right at the comforts of his home, Mark Jackson also explains why there is good money in condominiums and manufactured homes. In addition, the former corporate trainer of 15 years will share new techniques on how to rehab fixer upper homes. Learn which upgrades and renovations will add more value to your rehab project by watching this video now.
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Wholesaling Hints And Tips – Mark Jackson

Runtime: 1:27:00 | Views: 838

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