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Wholesaling Houses - Part 2 - Mike Collins

Wholesaling Houses - Part 2 - Mike Collins

Speaker: Mike Collins | Runtime: 1:20:50
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A 20 year veteran of the real estate investing market, Mike Collins is nationally acknowledged as a leading expert on wholesaling houses. In 2003 Mike Collins launched which has grown to service nearly 100,000 real estate investors nationwide and is the leading website for undervalued properties. In 2004 Mike created his now famous “Wholesaling Houses For A Living” learning course that many investors and educators consider a “must own” product for those looking to “flip houses”. He is a firm believer in empowering others to help themselves, a philosophy widely reflected in Passionate about teaching the secrets he has learned in his years of property investment, Mike Collins is a national speaker and an accomplished mentor, holding regular teleconferences and seminars. founder Mike Collins continues his discussion of wholesaling, but this time, he focuses on the power of the Internet. Learn how to advertise yourself as a wholesaler using various methods, including “bandit signs” and “laundromats.” Discover why advertising on TV is a bad idea for those starting in wholesaling and why Internet bandit signs are the future. You’ll also get a list of websites Mike himself has proven effective in providing leads. This video will enlighten you on what it means to be an advertising-driven wholesaler. If you want to learn how to analyze leads and determine which ones to sell, keep, and resell, watch this video now.
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    Video didn't play

  •| Posted: February 13, 2018 04:54:54 PM

    Why Didn't The Video Play????

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Wholesaling Houses - Part 2 - Mike Collins

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