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Wholesaling with Real Estate Agents - Drew Downs

Wholesaling with Real Estate Agents - Drew Downs

Speaker: Drew Downs | Runtime: 00:31:26
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Drew Downs describes himself as a "self-employed businessman, taking advantage of every opportunity and pushing absolutely everything to the limit." Meanwhile, he calls his style of investing as "real estate for the modern world." Now if these descriptions fit the type of real estate investing you want to practice - chances are they are snug-fit - Drew Downs is the mentor you need to focus on.


This young and vibrant investor is mostly involved in wholesaling houses. He also does some flips where his team conducts very minor repairs on the property before quickly reselling the house. Drew Downs is also known for working with real estate agents in finding deals. He has been residing in Tampa, Florida, for about seven years now and has sharpened his investing skills in the area.


Drew Downs showed his serious interest in the industry rather early, buying his first property at the age of 19. He takes pride in owning that property until now. Although he is a licensed real estate agent and broker, his passion was clearly with real estate investing. He managed to ride the real estate boom that hit Florida during that time. By the time he was in his mid-20s, Drew Down's portfolio already consisted of more than a dozen properties whose values significantly appreciated every six months. He has wholesaled more than 50 houses. However, his dreams were left in shamble when the real estate bubble burst.


It was not in his character to simply bog down. Drew Downs re-emerged from the experience and has since then bought and sold millions of dollars worth of real estate. He has between $4 million and $5 million worth of deals in the pipeline and has sold approximately $2 million worth of properties over the past few months. A regular work week for him consists of two to three flips. Best thing of all, he rarely sees the properties he sells.


Watch Drew Downs' videos on wholesaling houses and other real estate investing matters now and learn his modern world techniques.

Can you actually work with real estate agents in your area to find and close deals fast? Tampa Bay real estate investor Drew Downs will show you how in this video. In this presentation, Drew Downs interviews a fellow investor about real estate agents and how they can help you when wholesaling houses. The two will also discuss common misconceptions listing agents have about investors. If you want to learn more about assignable contracts and double closings, watch this one. They will give a quick tip on building your reputation. They will also tell you the secret to building a buyers’ list in the easiest and fastest way so you can tap cash buyers faster.

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